Promoting Your Business in Leeds

Leeds is the largest financial hub outside of London. This is attracting a steady stream of new business to the area.

All this new business is also enticing young professionals to the area looking for new career opportunities.

Young professionals are one of the most targeted sectors of the population when it comes to marketing and advertising. Working people aged 18 – 35 have the highest levels of disposable income and are the most likely to be out and about spending it. This demographic is also the most connected with the vast majority owning at least one smart device.

Leeds bus advertising

Targeted advertising can increase profits by 60%

Focussing your advertising to target your desired audience will yield the best results from your investment.

In Leeds we have found that the following two advertising methods are most effective in capturing the attention of young professionals.

  1. Outdoor Advertising – This is advertising in public spaces such as railway stations and bus stops. You can also buy advertising space on the side of buses. The example below shows an advertising campaign on the side of a bus by Exterion Media in Leeds. You can contact them to discuss how outdoor advertising in Leeds can boost your business.
  2. Online Advertising – This includes social media such as Facebook and Instagram, having a well designed business website and strategic paid advertising. Read more about paid search You can use SEO to improve the ranking of your site which will increase traffic to your pages.

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