Five Branding Phases

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With every branding mission, businesses work hard to generate a series of creative steps.

Successful businesses have worked hard to master their branding techniques, which have results in them not only being effective, but are exceptional in their results.

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Take a look at the 5 phase branding process:

  1. The Conducting of Research: During this phase, branding experts will work with you to identify the vision for the brand, name goals and values, and conduct research regarding potential and existing customer’s perceptions and needs. The expert will also conduct market research, including the competition, as well as available and potential technology.
  2. The Clarification of the Brand Strategy: Here, branding experts and clients come together to integrate learning amongst all parties, clarify the brand strategy, develop a platform, and devise the attributes of the budding brand. The branding expert composes a branding brief, creates a strategy for naming the brand, and writes a creative brief for presentation to you.
  3. The Designing of the Brand Identity:  In this phase, we look into the future by asking you where you want to be in the next few years. From there, the branding specialist will define expectations.
  4. The Creation of Touch points:  Here, the brand identity is finalised and the look and feel of it are developed. If a trademark is necessary, it is established. Media applications are prioritised according to your brand identity and are then designed. And finally, your brands architecture is applied to all communications.
  5. The Management of Assets: Now that the new brand is in place, a synergistic plan is devised to build momentum. Standards and brand guidelines are established. A strategic plan is created for the brands launch, and brand communications are coordinated in all realms before going public.

When all of these phases are implemented with the skill and experience housed, your end result will be a brand identity that will escort your brand into a bright future.

The process is not a simple one. It is, in fact, quite rigorous. It requires a unique combination of expert investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills.

Marketing also plays a role in the success of a business. It is important to have a marketing strategy implemented.

This could be online marketing, or even street marketing.

Street marketing includes many things, but the most popular is leaflet distribution and promotional staff. Promotional staff are often hired as a means of creating a new relationship with customers and to promote your brand in a certain way. See this website for Leeds promotional staff.