The Best iPhone Accessories

Accessories really help us to make the most of our phones and appreciate what they do. They also make the experience enjoyable and thrilling by increasing the features we can play around with.

The list of accessories is endless and it depends on what you want to do with your phone, but below we have listed a range of accessories that you need for your iPhone and you cannot go without.

Take your phone to the next level

Some of us love to pretend we are photographers, especially with the cameras that are on the iPhone that product clear, detailed photos. You can further your photography skills with the Kenu Stance Tripod. It’s handy, compact and practicable. You can also use it for hands-free reading. Buy today.

A fun fact about this tripod is that it doubles up as a bottle opener and is attachable via key ring, so you can take it around with you anywhere you go and bring out the inner photographer in you. See: Photography – All Accessories.

The easiest way to find lost itemsThe Tile app to help you find your lost items

Something that helps us to forget the fear of when we lose something special is Tile, which is a Bluetooth water resistant tracker. You simply attach it to something you don’t want to lose, such as your keys and if you do find that they are missing, open the app where Tile will begin to play music.

This allows you to locate them quickly and without hassle. Tile works in a range of 100 feet and the battery can last up to a year, now that’s what we call impressive! If you do actually lose an item, you will be sent its last known location and you will receive a notification if it is in range of Tile in the future. Find out more.

Personalise your very own iPhone case at WrappzCustom phone cases from £14.95

You can easily make your phone stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart by personalising an iPhone case. It is a great way of getting personal and sharing and reminiscing over those moments that have you smiling for a lifetime.

If you can’t pick just one photo, you can choose up to eight of your favourite pictures and add a message of your choice. You can design a case that holds much more value than any previous case you’ve used. Click here.